School Rules

Parents and School

  • Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school by working side by side towards the growth and development of the child.
  • They are requested to send their wards in proper school uniform on time, to be punctual at school and to be vigilant that their wards come to school with necessary books and stationary, adhere to the discipline of the school and participate in school activities.
  • The school shall be sending, at regular intervals, messages, notices, reports – monthly and terminal etc. through school calendar. Parents and guardians are requested to look into these and sign them. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience and render them liable to being sent home.
  • Parents and guardians or other persons are not allowed to see their children or interview their teachers during school hours without permission of the principal. No parent/guardian should contact the teacher directly. Monthly meeting of the parents is however held to discuss at length, general and particular problems concerning the students.
  • Parents and guardians are expected to be very particular to see that their children return home immediately after school hours except on days when they stay on for co-curricular activities. It may be noted that responsibility of the authorities ceases immediately after school hours.
  • Parents are requested not to send their children to school if they are medically unfit. If a student is absent due to illness for more than 3 days, the principal must be informed at once.
  • A school clinic is provided for treating minor injuries that may occur. In case of more serious accidents, the State Medical Authorities are contacted as speedily as possible but the school does not accept responsibility for the summoning of such medical authorities or for any treatment given.
  • In order to provide immediate medical attention in case of emergency, parents are requested to send a photocopy of the Health Registration card of their child.
  • Suggestions given by the parents in constructive and co-operative spirit are always welcome and will be given due consideration.
  • The school management deserves the right to admit or not to admit any child and to revise the rules and regulations at any time, if considered necessary.
  • Any changes in the residential address or telephone number may please be notified to the school authorities immediately.


  • Pupils must come in time to school. Latecomers will not be admitted in the class.
  • Every pupil must possess a copy of the school calendar which should be brought to school daily.
  • The speaking of English is enforced in the school and within the school premises.
  • Students must wear neat and tidy uniform to school and strictly follow the colour code. White uniform has to be worn on all Mondays. A pupil without uniform and shoes may be asked to return home.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any accessories(gold ornaments, bracelets, bands, chains, long metal earrings) to school. Boys must have a proper haircut and girls must comb their hair neatly. Colouring of the hair and use of styling gel is strictly prohibited. Girls who wear scarves must drape it neatly (ONLY plain white scarf).
  • Running, playing, shouting inside the school building is never allowed. Perfect silence must be observed when changing classes for language and other subjects.
  • The pupils are not permitted to remain absent to remain absent on working days. Leave is granted only in the circumstances beyond control like sickness etc.
  • If a pupil is late/absent, he must bring a written justification in his/her calendar.
  • Pupils must return after the holidays on the appointed day. In case o sickness for more than 3 days, the principal must be informed and a doctor’s certificate must be produced along with the leave application.
  • Students who have been absent from school for one month or more without permission are liable to have their names struck off from the ┬árolls and may not be readmitted.
  • No pupil should leave the school premises during school hours except by permission of the principal.
  • The school is not responsible for books, money, clothes, and other articles that are lost. Pupils must look after their own possessions. It is not advisable to have money or valuable articles with them. All are advised to bring books etc. in a bag or satchel that can be securely locked.
  • No books(other than text or library books), comics, newspapers, periodicals, cassettes, CDs or mobile phones should be brought to school without the consent of the school authorities.
  • No presents are to be given to the teachers.
  • Any kind of damage done to the school premises has to be made good. All students should be particularly careful not to throw papers etc. anywhere on the school premises. Baskets and dustbins especially provided for this purpose should be used.
  • Letters received in the school addressed to pupils will not be delivered.
  • All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour both in and outside the school. Any reported or observed misconduct out of the school on the part of the pupils shall make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.
  • Disrespect and disobedience to superiors, using abusive and obscene word, and other exhibiting habits or behaviour considered by the school authorities as not suitable to a student will be met by dismissal.
  • Pupils suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience of pupils which may affect the moral tone of the school justify dismissal.
  • Every student should endeavour to keep up the high tone and good name of the school and excelling in fine manners.
  • Students misbehaving in the school will be reported to the parents and sufficient warning will be given for improvement. If a student continues to misbehave even after repeated warnings, he will be expelled from the school.
  • Students are expected to be polite and courteous towards other students and the staff at all times.
  • The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the school campus.

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